Educational art programs for children.

We teach children to draw. Learn about the Kindred Art difference.

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Kindred Art students learn to perceive what they want to draw in terms of five basic elements of shape, and to develop the skills they need to translate that information onto paper. The method involves helping students “see” what they are drawing. Students will be able to look at a picture or object and understand what they are looking at and how to draw it.

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Our Approach

The key principles followed and taught at Kindred Art Studio No Competition: Students are given the opportunity to observe each other and learn. Even if each student is drawing from the same reference material, each student will see that material with their own perception. It is amazing to see how each drawing can be so unique. Students learn how to respect each other this way.

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The Kindred Art Difference

What is the Kindred Art difference? An internationally acclaimed drawing method. Specific exercises that train the eye to “See”. Creative freedom, within structured lessons. An ongoing curriculum for 3 age groups. An academic focus on other subjects. The use of top of the line supplies. A quiet and focused environment. Skills taught that last a lifetime. What are the side benefits? Increased Attention span.

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