Art Lesson: Native American Pow-wow

Photo Nov 10, 6 00 50 PMI always look forward to the results of this lesson. There is vibrancy and many options that really get the students thinking. It is also a fun and educational lesson learning the human face in a simplistic way. This involved learning how the face will cast shadows on the skin.

Students learned what a Pow Wow is. A Pow-wow is a gathering of North America’s indigenous people. Originally a Pow-wow was a meeting of leaders and had a spiritual side. Today a Pow-wow is a dance, to sing, socialize,and generally have a good time. Some Pow-wows can last up to one week long! These would be called for on a special occasion.

Having been to a few Pow-wows to get pictures for my personal artwork I have been inspired with the beauty and pride held in these events. I love going, love the colors, their outfits and the energy at these events. I find it very inspiring.

We read this book together The Apache.

Drawn by an 8 year old

Photo Nov 10, 5 55 05 PM

Drawn by an 8 year old

Photo Nov 10, 6 04 18 PM

Drawn by an 8 year old

Photo Nov 10, 6 00 50 PM

Amazing drawings right? Look at all the detail each kid thought to add. I just love it all!

Here are a few pictures from our Previous lessons this summer:

Drawn by a 12 year old.

Native American

Drawn by an 11 year old

Photo Aug 25, 5 53 32 PM


Drawn by an 8 year old

Native American

Drawn by a 5 year old

Native American


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  1. Beautiful faces! They really capture the natural beauty of Native Americans. Thank you for sharing!


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