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Monthly Update: July Happenings

Well here we are in the middle of Summer. We have done some awesome Projects this month. I have decided to post one picture from every lesson to give an example. You can see more pictures and stay updated on our Facebook page.  These few lessons were from our Drawing through the Alphabet Curriculum And the Drawing through Geography Curriculum. Each lesson has an academic component. Children learn about the

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Monthly Update: June Happenings

June was a fantastic month. It was the month we started lessons and we have done some very cute projects. Our First lesson was a hit. I have decided to post one picture from every lesson to give an example. You can see more pictures on our Facebook page. These few lessons were from our Drawing through the Alphabet Curriculum. These lessons are educational

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Drawing the Human Face

How to create shadows, blend skin tone, understand value, and accurate proportions. Drawing the Human face can seem tricky, but really it is very satisfying to do. Below is an example of the lessons taught to help more advanced students better understand how to draw the various parts of the face. Lessons are simplified enough for students to understand what they are drawing and

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Art in the Community

Giving back Last night was a great night. A local school had their annual Art Fair. This is a fun night for the school to raise money to support the art program and continue offering this high quality program. I decided I wanted to help along with other volunteers. The night began with families buying a wrist band. Then children could participate in numerous booths

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Getting Started

The last few weeks have been really busy for me. Here are a few things that have been happening… Ordering supplies I ordered all my Supplies! This was so exciting, pretty much like Christmas! I believe that it is essential to use only good quality supplies. That includes, brands like Prismacolor, Blick Markers, Golden acrylic paint, Winsor & Newton watercolor, Strathmore paper and much

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How to Keep Children Drawing

Why did you stop drawing? Why do children stop drawing and what happens to adults who used to draw but now profess they can’t draw? One of the most common things I hear adults admit to me with regards to art is that they can’t draw or that they only can draw stick people! So what happened? What happens that stop us from having

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What Are The Different Drawing Styles?

What are the different styles of drawing? First it is important to realize that there is a difference and that each style should not be compared to the other. Each style of drawing is an entirely different subject. Symbolic: Much like stick figure drawing and drawing things from the picture you form in your head. When a child is drawing symbolically they are telling a

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Welcome to Kindred Art Studio!

We are so happy to launch this new website. We are passionate about children art and education, and invite you to explore this website to learn more about our programs, and our approach. Please contact us with any questions!